Adoption shouldn’t be cold, scary, or impersonal.

Expecting moms are often nervous about pregnancy and unsure if they’ll ever see their baby again, while many waiting families are anxious about the process of adopting a child.

Because these are valid concerns, we combine compassion and expertise in our adoption approach so expecting moms and adoptive families know they are loved and supported the entire time.

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We provide ongoing, compassionate support and professional guidance that brings peace of mind as you choose the best path for your child or family.

Expecting Moms

Many people believe adoption means giving a child away and never seeing them again. But if you choose, you can remain a part of your child’s life.

Our team brings hope to expecting moms who are considering an adoption path for their child. We’ll help you understand your options so you can make the best decision for your child and family.

Know Your Options

Adoptive Families

Unlike other service providers, we don’t see adoption as a transaction. This is just one reason why we compassionately support our adoptive families.

You don’t have to navigate the complexities of adoption planning on your own. We’ll guide you through learning about adoption, being chosen by an expecting mom, and welcoming a child into your home.

Learn About Adoption

Assessment & Placement Services

Not all adoptive families require full-service planning and support. Often, family members or step-parents have chosen to legally adopt a child and have been asked by their attorney or the court to complete background checks and/or home studies.

Our professional team is happy to perform these required assessment services to help you finalize the Indiana adoption process.

See Our Services

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When you choose Gifts of Grace for adoption planning, you will:

Receive compassion from a full-service adoption agency.

We offer support, care, and a shoulder to cry on when attorneys and big agencies may not.

Have someone there throughout the entire process.

Our locally based team will be by your side, from doctor’s appointments to the baby’s birth.

Find support after the adoption.

Expecting moms and adoptive parents can access post-placement services, resources, and more.

You don’t have to navigate the adoption process alone.

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  • Adam & Rachel
    We are so thankful to see how the Lord is providing in less-than-ideal circumstances! We really love the heart of all Gifts of Grace does. Our involvement with a few other agencies, although kind and helpful, has been nothing like Gifts of Grace. Your commitment to the Lord and deep care for birth mothers, babies, and adoptive parents is so refreshing!
    Adam & Rachel
  • Patrick & Lilly (adoptive parents)
    We were so blessed to be able to work with Gifts of Grace through our son’s adoption. We felt incredibly supported throughout the process, and we appreciated knowing they were equally supportive of our son’s birth parents. In short, they are amazing at what they do. It is such a blessing to know there are agencies like Gifts of Grace out there. They went above and beyond in all circumstances, and we recommend them to anyone thinking of adopting or placing a child for adoption.
    Patrick & Lilly (adoptive parents)
  • Kara H. (adoptive mom)
    Gifts of Grace facilitated the process to adopt our son. The staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, passionate, caring, experienced, and great at answering questions/concerns. They provide spectacular care to the birth moms and communicate efficiently. We are beyond thankful for Gifts of Grace connecting us to the birth mom. They made adoption a smooth process and helped in the transition.
    Kara H. (adoptive mom)
  • Brittany (birth mom)
    My experience with adoption was a very hard decision, but I wouldn’t have made it through the process without Carlee. She was there for me every step of the way and talked with me whenever I needed somebody to talk to. My son has the absolute best family because of Carlee. There isn’t enough thanks in the world for everything she has done for me!
    Brittany (birth mom)
  • Ruthie O. (adoptive mom)
    Gifts of Grace is so wonderful to work with. They have a passion for what they do. Not only do they care for the adoptive parents, but they love the birth family as well by helping to ensure that the decision they are making is the right one. And I love the name Gifts of Grace! God's grace to us is a gift, just like the little ones we receive are precious gifts given to us. We love our little gift and will use Gifts of Grace again in the future.
    Ruthie O. (adoptive mom)

Explore your options and find answers to your adoption questions.




We help expecting moms and adoptive families find hope and support through the loving gift of adoption.

Many pregnant women, as well as families waiting for a child, are nervous about the adoption process. They often worry about the adoption agency’s expertise, as well as the level of care (or lack thereof) they’ll receive during the process.

But we believe quality, affordable adoption services should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we provide ongoing support and professional guidance for those choosing an adoption path for their child or family.

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Gifts of Grace will support you before, during, and after adoption.

We truly mean it when we say we’re here for you. Our staff has personal and professional experience with adoption, so we understand how important it is to feel supported and educated throughout the process.

Our agency offers professional full-service adoption planning and support, as well as background checks and home studies for those looking for specific assessment and placement services.

Whether you’re a pregnant woman in need of community resources, or a couple who’s looking for post-placement services after they’ve brought their baby home, we’re here for you every step of the way.

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Choosing an adoption path is one of the most loving decisions you could ever make.