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Hospital & Placement Support

Prepare for baby’s arrival with our hospital and placement support.

We’ll help you create an adoption hospital plan, prepare for your delivery, and make sure you have the support you need once it’s time for the baby to arrive.

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You don’t have to go to the hospital or deliver by yourself.

For one reason or another, some expecting women feel like they’re a burden, or that they have to deliver their baby alone.

But you should have someone who cares about you standing by your side as you bring a child into the world.

You have full control over your hospital and delivery plan.

We’ll help you understand what to expect before, during, and after your delivery — and we’ll be by your side the whole time.

Here’s how our hospital placement and support works:

Before Delivery

You’ll tour the hospital and ask the doctor any questions you have.

You’ll create a hospital and delivery plan with our Birth Family Coordinator.

We’ll share your plan with the adoptive family you’ve chosen.

During Delivery

Once you go into labor, we’ll drive you to the hospital if you need or want us to.

Your support team will be by your side — whether that’s just the medical staff and us, the baby’s adoptive mother, or a close friend or family member.

After Delivery

After you give birth, you and the adoptive family can spend as much time with the baby as you’d like.

You and the adoptive family will sign and notarize the required legal documents.

Officially placing your baby with another family can be difficult and emotional, so we’ll be by your side to support you.

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We’re here to make labor and delivery a little easier for you.