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For Adoption Partners

We’re here to support medical professionals, social workers, and other adoption partners.

Our full-service agency provides adoption planning, education, and ongoing support for expecting moms and adoptive families.

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Many people believe adoption means giving a child away and never seeing them again.

Because of this misconception, medical and social service professionals don’t like to talk with pregnant women about choosing an adoption path for their child.

But what many don’t realize is that expecting moms can remain active in their child’s life (if they want to) while providing a more secure future.

Your clients will have full control over their adoption journey.

Adoption may be the best option for your client and her child.

For a woman who chooses life for her baby but isn't ready to be a mom, adoption is one of the most amazing and selfless decisions she’ll ever make.

When you talk about adoption with your client and refer her to Gifts of Grace, she’ll receive ongoing support from our caring, professional team throughout her pregnancy and adoption journey.

We help our expecting moms by:

Walking them through their options for pregnancy and adoption

Staying with moms during and after their delivery

Supporting them as they heal physically and emotionally from pregnancy

Providing support groups where they can connect with other birth parents

And more
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We’ll support and care for your clients as we walk them through the adoption process.