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Types of Adoption | For Adoptive Families

Get support before and after you welcome a child into your home.

We’re here to help you learn about the three types of adoption while we reassure and guide you toward welcoming a child into your home.

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Adoption planning is so much more than just making a payment and hoping for the best.

Many adoptive parents become anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed by standard adoption services, but they aren’t aware they have other options.

Navigate adoption with a professional, supportive team.

You’ll understand the emotional and financial aspects of adoption.

We’ll answer your questions and be available whenever you need us.

You’ll feel more prepared to welcome a child into your home.

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There are three types of adoption:

closed, semi-open, and open.

Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, the expectant and adoptive parents don’t have any contact with one another. Identifying information is kept confidential; for example, expectant and adoptive parents won’t know each other’s last names or personal contact information.

An expecting mom may choose a closed adoption if she feels it would be easier to not establish a relationship with the adoptive family and to cease contact with her child after delivery. This may help her get a sense of closure as she moves forward after giving birth.

Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-open adoption, an agency facilitates contact between expectant and adoptive parents. Identifying information is still kept private, but each family can communicate with the agency, which then passes photos, letters, and information along to the other party.

It’s common for the adoptive family to send photos and updates to the birth family through the agency or social worker. The adoptive parents might also set up an email account or private website for the birth parents to see the child’s photos and other updates.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, the expectant and adoptive parents have direct contact with one another. Adoptive families usually share photos and updates with the birth parents, such as the child’s recent milestones, interests, activities, and overall well-being.

Every open adoption will be different, based on the type of relationship the families agree to. For example, they may or may not exchange last names and addresses. Some families communicate via phone or email, while others have regular visits with one another.


You’ll create an adoption plan with the expecting mom who’s chosen you (if she's decided on open or semi-open adoption).

Our agency can help you determine the best path for your family.

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We’ll reassure and guide you throughout the entire adoption process.