How Adoption Works | For Expecting Moms

Navigate the adoption process with confidence.

We’ll help you understand how adoption works for expecting moms while we support you with personal and professional care throughout the entire process.

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Expecting moms often don’t know how to begin the adoption process.

Many expecting women believe that adoption is a cold transaction that results in giving their child away and never seeing them again.

But they often don’t realize they have options when it comes to choosing an adoption path or receiving guidance throughout the process.

Choosing adoption can provide your child with a bright, secure future.

Here’s what to expect from our full-service adoption agency:

Meeting to Discuss Your Options

Meet with us to share your story, needs, worries, and desires.

Hear from birth moms who’ve been in a similar situation.

We’ll discuss the potential father(s) and explain their rights.

Decide how involved you’d like the father to be.

Ask us any questions you have.

Creating & Following Your Adoption Plan

Become a client and create an adoption plan.

Complete your pregnancy and medical history.

Receive ongoing education and pregnancy support.

Match with an adoptive family of your choice.

Decide which type of adoption (and level of contact) you’d prefer.

Meet the family (if you’d like) and make a hospital/delivery plan.

Deliver your baby and sign placement forms.

Stay connected with (or say goodbye to) the adoptive family.

Receive support from Gifts of Grace, if you’d like.

To learn more about creating an adoption plan, please see this blog post.

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We’ll be by your side throughout the entire adoption process.