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Post-Adoption Support

We’re here for you, especially after your baby is born.

We provide support for our birth moms after adoption to help with their physical and emotional healing.

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Adoption is a hard decision, but it’s one you make out of love.

Many birth moms experience a wide range of emotions after placing their child for adoption: relief, guilt, sadness, anxiety, confusion, and so on.

A strong support system — whether that’s our team, your loved ones, or both — can help you process these feelings as you move forward.

Move forward with confidence after you choose adoption.

You’ll have support as you process your emotions.

You’ll meet other birth parents whom you can relate to.

You’ll stay connected with your child and our staff, if you’d like.

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Choosing adoption for your child isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most selfless things you’ll ever do.

Here’s how we provide support for birth moms after adoption:

Free resources for birth moms and dads

Support groups for fellow birth parents

Assistance with applying for school or a job

Facilitated contact between you and the adoptive family

Emotional support as you process the adoption

And more

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Remember, we'll always be here for you!