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Assessment & Placement Services

Finalize your adoption with a supportive, experienced team.

If you live in Indiana and need an adoption assessment and placement service (home study, background check, or post-placement service), we can help.

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Completing your adoption shouldn’t be a headache.

You may just need a home study, a background check, or post-placement services to complete your adoption process.

If your attorney or the court has asked you to complete these assessments, you should work with a team that’ll help everything go smoothly.

You don’t have to finalize an adoption on your own.

You’ll receive professional assessment and placement services.

You’ll find support from our kind, experienced team.

We’ll provide straightforward answers to your questions.

Our team can help you with any (or all) of these self-matching services:

Home Studies

We offer home study services (as well as home study updates) so you can make sure your family and living space are safe for your child. Our comprehensive home studies are available for domestic and kinship adoptions.

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Background Checks

Many waiting families are anxious about all the paperwork, background checks, and other requirements that come with adoption. Our background checks will help you navigate the legal side of the process as you prepare to adopt a child.

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Post-Placement Services

Even if you’ve already worked with another agency, you should be able to choose the best post-adoption support for your family. We’ll help you finish the adoption process with home visits, court reports, and other post-placement services.

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We’re happy to support you through your adoption journey.