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For Adoptive Families

We’d love to help you welcome a child into your home.

We provide adoption services and compassionate support for families looking to adopt because welcoming a child into your home is one of the most loving decisions you can make.

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Many hopeful adoptive parents have become frustrated with unfriendly, expensive adoption services.

Whether you’re adopting for the first time or again, adoption planning should never feel like a transaction.

We don’t take for granted an expecting woman's bravery, or the fact that many adoptive parents worry about cost, the mom’s well-being, and the details of the process.

Your adoption process won’t feel cold or disconnected when you partner with us.

Find compassionate support as you navigate the complexities of adoption.

We know that waiting to adopt a child is one of the hardest waits you’ll ever experience. That’s why our team will be there to educate and reassure you every step of the way.

We’ll help you create an adoption plan, answer your questions, walk you through the emotional and financial sides of adoption, and always be available when you need us.

Adoption can bring emotional and financial challenges, so we’re here to guide you through them.

Some adoptive families have never been through this process before, and others have been burned by overcharging attorneys or big agencies.

Wondering how you’ll afford an addition to your family is completely normal. But we can point you toward adoption fundraising resources that may help.

And we're not here to just swoop in and collect your money. You’ll get to work with and personally know your Adoptive Family Coordinator, who will help you when you have questions, feel anxious, or just need reassurance that the waiting is worth it. We’ll take the time to guide you through this emotional process, no matter how long it takes.

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Our full-service adoption agency continually, compassionately supports our adoptive families every step of the way.

Adoption Education

If you’re exploring adoption, you may feel unsure about the process or worry about things going smoothly. We’ll help you learn about the types of adoption, the rights of the expecting moms, the steps you’ll go through, and any other information you need.

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Full-Service Adoption Program

Our Full-Service Adoption Program is designed for married Christian couples who are interested in adoption. This service supports and guides you through every step of your adoption journey and includes all of your placement assessments and requirements.

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Self-Matching Adoption Program

Some adoptive families already have a relationship with an expecting mother but are interested in the compassionate and professional support of our agency. If you’d like help in supporting the mom or finalizing the process, we’re here for you.

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Assessment & Placement Services

Some families just need a home study, a background check, or post-placement services to finalize an adoption. If you’ve been asked by an attorney or the court to complete these assessments and live in Indiana, we’re happy to help.

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Our compassionate professionals will guide you through your adoption journey and help your family thrive.