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Post-Placement Services

Finalize your adoption with an agency that cares.

Once you’ve taken your child home, we’ll help you finish the adoption process with home visits, court reports, and other post-placement services.

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Here’s how our post-placement process works:

Before the Adoption is Finalized

Once the baby is born, you’ll complete the adoption paperwork.

You’ll have a post-placement home visit with our Adoptive Family Coordinator.

We’ll visit you every 30 days until the adoption is finalized, just to make sure everything’s going smoothly and baby is healthy.

Finalizing the Legal Side of Adoption

Our Adoptive Family Coordinator will write up a report for the judge.

You’ll work with the judge and your attorney to finalize your child’s adoption.

After the Adoption is Finalized

You’ll keep in touch with the baby’s birth mom and provide updates if you’ve agreed to do so.

You’ll post updates on ChildConnect.com at weekly intervals for the first month and monthly intervals for the first year, then annually around your child’s birthday.

Post-adoption updates include the child’s recent milestones, interests, activities, and overall well-being, as well as recent pictures of the child. The birth parent(s) can choose whether or not they receive these updates, based on the type of adoption.

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We’re always here if you have questions or just need support.