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We’re able to serve expectant parents and adoptive families thanks to our generous community.

Looking for ways to support Gifts of Grace? You can volunteer your time, refer a client to our agency, or make a donation.

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Adoption doesn’t have to mean giving a child away and never seeing them again.

Many people don’t realize this, but birth parents can remain active in their child’s life while providing a more secure future for them.

Adoption is a difficult and emotional process, but it’s one of the most selfless and life-changing decisions a person will ever make.

Your efforts will help others bravely choose adoption and navigate the process.

You’ll help us ensure loving, secure futures for children.

We’ll help moms and families connect with us and access resources.

You’ll support a small, local agency that truly cares about its clients.

Donate Now

You can support Gifts of Grace in one of the following ways:

volunteer, refer, or donate.


Our wonderful volunteers help us with community outreach and education, family celebration, and much more. You can join us as a volunteer at local events such as Mosey Down Main Street, Adoption 101 Nights, agency open houses, and pregnancy center education.

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Are you a healthcare professional, pregnancy resource center employee, social worker, or another adoption partner? By referring a client to our agency, you can guide a woman toward adoption for her baby, as well as resources that will help her before and after giving birth.

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Generous donations from our community help our nonprofit continue to expand our mission and to serve those considering adoption. Your gift will allow us to provide ongoing, compassionate support and professional guidance for those choosing an adoption path for their child or family.

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You can help others choose a loving, selfless adoption path for a child.