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Home Studies

Find professional support with our home study services.

We provide home studies for adoption (as well as home study updates) so you can ensure your family and living space are safe for your adopted child.

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What is a home study?

A home study is a report that every court in the United States requires for you to legally adopt a child through private adoption. The report outlines your home environment, family, marriage, finances, employment, health, and other details.

It’s essentially a summary that the judge can read to understand your background and what type of family the adopted child is going into.

What should I expect?

We’ll guide you through these steps to complete your home study:
  1. Receive or download the Adoption Program or Self-Matching application.

  2. Mail us your home study application and required fees.

  3. Receive your home study packet through eAdopt.com.
    • We’ll email you with your login information.

  4. Complete your home study packet and tasks:
    • Write autobiographies.
    • Complete training.
    • Get fingerprinted (for anyone living in the home over 18).
    • Complete physicals (for anyone living in the home over 18).
    • Complete background checks.
      • CPS checks (for anyone living in the home age 6+)
      • Criminal history checks (anyone living in the home over 18)
    • Gather copies of the required documents.
      • Pet vaccinations
      • Driver's licenses
      • Auto and health insurance
      • Birth certificates
      • Marriage license
      • Divorce decrees (if applicable)
      • Paychecks and taxes
      • Addresses and dates for anywhere you’ve lived in the last five years

  5. Contact our Adoptive Family Coordinator to schedule an initial home visit. You can usually do this within one to two weeks of completing your home study packet.

  6. During your first home visit (which will last one to two hours), our Adoptive Family Coordinator will:
    • Gather all of the above forms.
    • Talk with you about your adoption decision.
    • Discuss your autobiographies and ask questions.
    • Take a tour of your home.
    • Schedule and discuss a second home visit.

  7. The Adoptive Family Coordinator will:
    • Write the home study based on the visit.
    • Complete reference checks.
    • Complete background checks. (We may ask you to help us with this.)
    • The home study write-up will take up to two weeks after we’ve had our initial visit and all of your paperwork is in.

  8. Our Executive Director will review and approve your home study.

  9. Review your home study with your family and our Adoptive Family Coordinator.

  10. Receive two copies of your final home study:
    • One (the original) for your attorney when you finalize the adoption
    • One for you to make as many copies as you need

When should I renew my home study?

Home studies expire after a year in Indiana, so we offer home study updates to families who’ve already adopted a child but need to renew their reports.

This process will be much quicker than your initial home study, since we’ll just need to update your background checks and main paperwork.

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